While I’m talking about the confluence of boxing and rock and roll, there’s something else I gotta say: me and the boys in SF have entered the Battle of the Boroughs, representing Queens. It’s a battle of the bands, and you can vote for us by going here. We’ve already made it past the first hurdle, and now we’re competing against the 4 other bands from Queens (which is entirely an online clicking contest). If we win this round, then in June we face the champions from the other 4 boroughs (another clicking contest, but there will also be a performance). As someone who named his band after the sweet science (kind of), you can imagine how much this means to me. I wore one of my Mike Tyson t-shirts for the first battle very much on purpose.

Now get this: if you are someone who first read this blog (or this blog) before you knew about my band, and if you take 15 seconds now to vote for us in this competition,write an e-mail to thesweetfix(at) and tell me about it. Put “Heavy Metal Heartbreaker” in the subject line, and you will receive a prize. Not something fake, like one of those online thank-you cards that has polar bears dancing or whatever. A real prize.

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